Our Philosophy

At Maroondah Pre-School, We believe that:
  • Play is crucial to the development of children. Play is the way they explore and learn about their world, each other and themselves.
  • Children’s learning and development is an individual process; learning outcomes will be unique rather than standardised and homogenous. Each child’s interest is our focus.
  • Children learn best through experiences that are child initiated, adult supported, open ended, flexible and fun
  • Children need to explore their own boundaries to gain confidence in their own abilities.
  • We allow children to test, push and redefine their abilities
  • Children are naturally curious and active communicators and they give and receive information in different ways. By encouraging children to ask questions, their learning becomes more relevant and authentic
  • Social and emotional development is the foundation for a positive approach to all learning. Children who have high self-esteem and believe in their own abilities will have the best starting point for the transition to school
  • Families are the child’s first educators. Children learn best when families are involved in their educational program. We support and work together with our families to foster a cooperative partnership in their child’s learning

Values and Objectives

Our values:

  • A caring attitude towards other children, adults and all living creatures
  • Respect for the rights of self and others and the culture of self and others
  • Positive relationships with children, families and staff
  • A love of nature and the environment
  • An appreciation of language, literature, science and maths
  • Extended periods of uninterrupted play
  • A desire to discover more about our interesting world that we live in and a positive attitude towards learning

Our objectives:

Foster curiosity: Awaken and stimulate a sense of curiosity, observation and awareness of the environment around us and a love of learning.

Nurture creativity: To develop ways of expressing themselves creatively through many mediums – art, music, dance and verbally.

Create enjoyment: Of life and the world we live in

Build confidence: support self-help skills, independence and safe risk taking behaviour.

Encourage responsibility: For our actions, learning that there are consequences to these actions and different ways to express oneself, some more appropriate than others.

Strengthen social skills: Help the child make happy and satisfying friendships with other children and develop negotiating skills to resolve conflicts. Support building relationships with adults outside the immediate family.

Our philosophy and values are interpreted in the context of state and national early years frameworks.

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